Welcome to My Blog

I’m Cherry and I love to make beautiful things. I bake, sew, cook and get creative with many crafty projects along the way. I’m using this blog as a personal diary of my achievements and also as a way to share my projects and photographs with friends and anyone else it interests.

Some of my favorite cakes to eat (and look at) are cherry cakes, I’ve compiled a few cherry cake pictures here.

I recently made this delicious smelling cherry sugar scrub to try to tackle my cellulite when I decided it would be fun to try making my own and going au naturale in the process. Very fruity.

Cherry sugar scrubs are easy to make, smell delightfully fruity and are good for your skin!

Homemade scrubs are also one of the best gifts ever!

Cherry Sugar Scrub Recipe


1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup olive oil (or canola oil will work fine!)
2-3 drops of cherry aromatherapy oil
approximately 10 drops of red soap colorant


Mix them all together in a bowl.

Super simple!!!
I then poured it into a pretty jar and tied it with a lovely red ribbon. xx


My latest project is sewing a fancy dress outfit for my niece. She wants to dress up as a pretty pink elephant so it’s going to be challenging.