Sewing a Pink Elephant Fancy Dress Costume

My little niece Coco is obsessed with Elephants and she announced a couple of weeks ago she wants to dress up as one and would like me to make her outfit for her so that it is unique and has sparkles on the toes.

I was hesitant but agreed to the challenge as I think it’ll be a fun project and very worthwhile. So I set about looking for a pattern and discovered that ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ featured an episode where Paul made a Pink Elephant Ballerina fancy dress costume. It was for a much older child than Coco but gave me an idea of what is possible.

Homemade Pink Elephant Costume

Pink Elephant Fancy Dress Outfit Sewed by Hand

I then discovered this ready to buy Pink Elephant costume for toddlers which is terribly cute too and has inspired me further.

Pink Elephant Toddler Outfit

Cute Pink Elephant Outfit

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